Executive Function Skills
Teacher Training

Executive Function Skills Teacher Training

Teacher Training Program

The Executive Functioning Teacher Training Program is an interactive workshop for educators. The goal of the program is to provide teachers with concrete strategies that can be inserted into their existing daily curriculum. Through explanation and modeling of these skills by the teacher, the students become proficient in their ability to organize their materials, manage their time efficiently, utilize active learning and study strategies, and demonstrate more effective study and test taking skills.

The Workshop specifically focuses on 4 Units with 9 Topic Areas:

  1. Organization
    • Time Management and Planning
    • Organization of Materials
  2. Input For Learning
    • Active Listening
    • Note-Taking
    • Metacognitive Strategies for Task Completion
  3. Assimilation
    • Active Reading
    • Active Writing and Process Flow
  4. Consolidation/Output
    • Study Strategies
    • Test Taking

Teachers bring current lesson plans, long-term assignments and study guides from their current curriculum for direct application of Executive Functioning skills during the workshop.  At the conclusion of the workshop, each teacher receives a printed manual for reference.