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Summer Fun Brain Boosters

Summer vacation may be upon us with kick back days relaxing at the beach but our children can still be learning. Summer is a great time for experiential learning, review and reinforcement of last year’s skills, and a chance to preview what’s to come next September. Studies show that students lose one to three months of learning after a long summer vacation. Before you stick your head in the sand, check out some family friendly ways to combat summer brain drain and make summer learning FUN!

Keep Counting! 6 Everyday Ways to Play with Math

  • Lemonade Stand Nothing says summer more than a homemade lemonade stand. Kids have a chance to measure ingredients, set prices, figure out cost per serving, count money and provide change, and calculate profits.
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game This national pastime allows for a great day cheering for your favorite team as your child graphs the batter’s balls and strikes, outs per inning, calculates batting averages, or the cost and change due when buying a ballpark hotdog and soda.
  • In the Kitchen Cooking is a great activity with yummy treats to eat at the end. Teach your child to sort ingredients, use fractions when measuring, or multiply if doubling a recipe.
  • Let’s Go Shopping! Teens love to shop. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach about the value of money, budgeting, as well as using percentages, fractions, and decimals to calculate sale prices. For example, if a $25 item is 15% off, how much does it cost?
  • Construction Kids Whether you are building a birdhouse, dollhouse, or a tree house construction allows kids to use their creativity while learning to measure, calculate angles and square footage, all while developing their algebra and geometry skills.
  • Green Thumb Gardeners know about math because they measure how far apart vegetable rows need to be and how deep to plant seeds. Plus it’s a real world way for kids to experience nature and healthy eating.

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